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Iboga Revive

Traditional Bwiti Plant Medicine Ceremonies

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Sarah is an incredible human and an amazing Iboga provider. Iboga is an intense and very powerful experience and having a provider who is both deeply compassionate and very real makes an immeasurable difference. 


Sarah is the perfect balance of truth + kindness and compassion. She tells you what you need to hear but delivers it with kindness to support your healing. She tells it like it is and breaks everything down to make it very simple and easy to understand. She’s been through it all, has fully healed herself, and can truly relate to what you’re going through. She is very down to earth and will never judge another human being - all she has is acceptance and love for others. I am so grateful to have had Sarah for my Iboga experience - she helped me through some very difficult things and she is still the voice of truth and encouragement in my head. I experienced profound healing in my retreat with Sarah + life-changing lessons and truths that I will be using for the rest of my life. I had tried literally everything else and Iboga is what changed it all for me. If you’re considering Iboga, I can’t recommend Sarah enough. 


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My experience with iboga was in a word...epic. I came into the experience fresh off of a very difficult case of a broken heart. I think we all find our way to this medicine for our own reasons and for me this was the catalyst that pushed me to dive in. I threw myself into the experience hoping to heal my heart and I got what I asked for and so much more. I entered the ceremony a broken man and left with love in my heart and peace and strength in my soul. Iboga forces you to look inside and truly deal with whatever it is that is holding you back. It is a deep clean of your body, mind and soul. It's hard to properly put into words the benefits, but for me, iboga provided the clarity and strength to pursue the life I want to be living.


Iboga is an incredibly personal experience but not one you can navigate alone. Having Sarah by my side was essential, and I can't possibly express the immense gratitude I hold for her. Out of all of the people I've ever met over a weekend, I think Sarah has had the biggest impact on my life. She has such a powerful, peaceful presence and is truly a beautiful human. And Iboga is a powerful, beautiful medicine that can change your life.

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Write a bio for each team member. Make it short and informative to keep your visitors engaged.


Iboga & Bwiti

Iboga is an ancient plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years by the Bwiti tribe of Gabon, Africa. It is the most powerful of all plant medicines due to its profound healing properties. The Bwiti refer to Iboga as The Godfather plant medicine because it heals on every level - physical, spiritual, and spiritual discovery. Iboga is the bringer of Truth. It is simply here to teach us about life so that our purpose becomes clear.  Iboga is the most direct path back to your true self.


Bwiti is a traditional spiritual path. It is the study of life and the art of knowing. It is the ancient tradition that accompanies Iboga in healing. To be Bwiti simply means to be a student of life and the Bwiti are committed to holding the gift of life above all other things. At Iboga Revive, the Bwiti tradition is the foundation on which this medicine is practiced. We provide the medicine in a traditional ceremony exactly as it is done by the Missoko Bwiti Tribe of Gabon. You cannot have an authentic Iboga retreat without the Bwiti tradition. Respecting the medicine means respecting the tradition because it is Iboga medicine that taught this tradition to the Bwiti. It is not our tradition to change; it is our tradition to follow.



Advice from Sarah on choosing a proper provider:

This sacred medicine is intended to be served in a traditional Bwiti ceremony. A properly trained and healed provider has a deep connection with the medicine and serves as a bridge so the medicine can work through us. Always ask your provider specific questions before committing to a retreat, such as:

Where in Africa did you train?

Who did you train under?

How long was the training?

Were you initiated into the Bwiti Tribe?

Did you pass & receive the blessing to serve the medicine?

Where do you source your Iboga medicine from?

Is Iboga the only medicine you serve or work with?


It is important to know that Iboga does not work well with other medicines and should never be served with any other plant or earth medicine. Iboga will not compete. If any other medicine is introduced around Iboga, the medicine will not work with you properly. If a provider is working with or serving any other plant or earth medicine, they are not practicing Iboga medicine in a tradit8ional manner. This is a huge red flag and indicative of someone who is not healed or properly trained. 

Sarah's vow to the medicine:

"I am committed to honoring and respecting Iboga medicine by always serving it in a traditional manner - exactly as the Missoko Bwiti Tribe serves it in Gabon. This is the only way to ensure people in the west can experience the true power of the medicine and help it reach those in need of healing." 

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