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Iboga Retreat near me

Psycho-Spiritual Iboga Retreat

This retreat is for those seeking physical, mental, & spiritual healing with Iboga medicine. It is an all inclusive 7 day retreat that involves two Iboga medicine ceremonies. The first ceremony is designed to detoxify your body and clear your mind of negative patterns. The second ceremony is designed to give you spiritual healing through Truth & clarity. This is unique to the individual and looks different for everybody. You will be guided by a trained provider so you can connect with the medicine in order to get to the root of what you are healing from. 

Each retreat also includes up to two hours of post integration support. Integration is fundamental in solidifying your healing process. It is the bridge that allows you to cross from a place of being healed into self-mastery. Our integration support helps you navigate your new path with peace and clarity so you can start living your best life. 

Psycho-Spiritual Retreat Schedule:
Day 1: Arrival day 
Day 2: Ceremony day - Physical/mental detox ceremony
Day 3: Processing day
Day 4: Integration day 
Day 5: Ceremony day - Spiritual shower ceremony & Spiritual healing ceremony
Day 6: Processing day
Day 7: Integration day - Departure

*Arrival day - Guests arrive in the evening time after 5 pm. 
*Ceremony day - Ceremony starts after nightfall.
*Departure day - Guests will depart when they are ready. This is typically before 11 am.

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Iboga retreat Canada
Iboga Ibogaine Healing Retreat
Iboga Ibogaine Healing Retreat
Iboga Ibogaine Healing Retreat

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