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Iboga & Bwiti

Iboga root bark is an ancient plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous peoples of  West Africa known as the Bwiti Tribe. The Bwiti refer to Iboga as "The Godfather" of all plant medicines because it heals on every level - physical, mental, and spiritual. Iboga is the bringer of Truth. It is simply here to teach us about life so that our purpose becomes clear.  Iboga is the most direct path back to our authentic self.
Bwiti is a traditional spiritual path. It is the study of life and the art of knowing. It is the ancient tradition that accompanies Iboga in healing. To be Bwiti simply means to be a student of life and the Bwiti are committed to holding the gift of life above all other things. At Iboga Revive, the Bwiti tradition is the foundation upon which this medicine is practiced. We provide the medicine in a traditional ceremony exactly as it is done by the Missoko Bwiti Tribe of Gabon. You cannot have an authentic Iboga retreat without the Bwiti tradition. Respecting the medicine means respecting the tradition because it is Iboga medicine that taught this tradition to the people of Gabon. It is not our tradition to change; it is our tradition to follow. Click the button below to inquire about Iboga and book a free consultation with Sarah. 

Iboga Heals on Every Level


Once you have completed your healing work, Iboga can be used for Spiritual Discovery where you can explore the spiritual world.

Digital Pamphlets on Iboga Medicine

Traditional Bwiti Iboga Retreat
Traditional Bwiti Iboga Retreat

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