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Healing with Iboga
Iboga Shaman

Moughenda Mikala

10th Generation Missoko Bwiti High Shaman

Iboga Alberta

Moughenda is a 10th Generation High Shaman of the Missoko Bwiti Tribe in Gabon, Africa. He has spent his life healing people through the teachings of the Bwiti and Iboga medicine. He has traveled around the world serving as a bridge for the medicine to reach those in need of healing. Through his travels, he saw how desperately the world needed Iboga. He has now dedicated his life to ensuring that this sacred medicine is available to those who need it. 

Moughenda is also Sarah's mentor and teacher in working with Iboga medicine. Sarah traveled to Gabon where she lived for several months while training under Moughenda. While she was there, she realized she had found her home in the village. She was initiated into the Missoko Bwiti tribe, completed her Rites of Passage, and earned her provider & drug/alcohol detox certification. She also saw how pure hearted and truly good Moughenda and the Bwiti people are. Sarah had the honor of receiving Moughenda's personal blessing to return home to the west to practice this medicine in a traditional Missoko Bwiti way.  

Iboga Calgary
Moughenda Iboga Ibogaine Healing Retreats
moughenda iboga shaman
Bwiti Shaman
Iboga Ibogaine Healing Retreats
Iboga Ibogaine Healing Retreats
Moughenda Iboga Ibogaine Healing Retreats
Moughenda Iboga Ibogaine Healing Retreats
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