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Iboga retreats in the US

Integration & Firetalk

Iboga Calgary

Post Integration Coaching

Post retreat integration is for those who are seeking further guidance in life after their Iboga retreat. You will receive personalized counseling based on the teachings and lessons of the Bwiti tradition. Psycho-Spiritual retreats come with up to 2 hours of integration support and our detox retreats include up to 4 hours post integration support. However, some guests find that they may need to purchase more integration hours at rate of $100 per hour. 

Iboga Washington

Fire Talk Experience

This is for returning guests who would like to sit in on the fire talk portion of ceremony, which typically lasts 2 to 4 hours. The benefit of this is to listen to the teachings of the Bwiti and their beautiful life lessons. It is an excellent way to stay connected to the medicine and further discover the Truth within yourself. If deemed safe, guests attending a fire talk will receive a micro dose of Iboga medicine. The cost to attend a fire talk is $100. 


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