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Ibogaine Washington

How Iboga Works

Iboga is a root bark that is ritualistically harvested and processed into a powder that is ingested with water during ceremony. It is different than other plant medicines and psychedelics in that you are always fully with yourself. It never takes away your free will and it will never give your more than you can handle. It puts you in a theta dream-like state so you can view yourself and your life objectively without emotional attachment. This allows you to address experiences and traumas that you are aware of as well as any blind spots that you are not seeing clearly.  It is also the most powerful detoxifying plant medicine in existence and has the capacity to completely cleanse the body and mind and heal the soul in a single retreat.

Once the body and mind are cleared, you are able to move on to the spiritual healing and spiritual discovery portion of the retreat. Because Iboga is a visionary plant medicine, it only shows you Truth. It does not give you false hallucinations that are confusing or hard to interpret. It brings you deep within yourself and helps you to understand your life. Sarah is traditionally trained to work with the medicine and guide you through your journey. Not only will you be guided while you are in ceremony, but you will also receive traditional Bwiti one-on-one coaching during your processing and integration days. Iboga expedites the healing process and can be a lifetime of healing in a single retreat if you listen & do the work. Click the button below to inquire about Iboga and book a free consultation with Sarah.

Healing with Iboga

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