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Ibogaine Calgary



Sarah is an incredible human and an amazing Iboga provider. Iboga is an intense and very powerful experience and having a provider who is both deeply compassionate and very real makes an immeasurable difference. 


Sarah is the perfect balance of truth + kindness and compassion. She tells you what you need to hear but delivers it with kindness to support your healing. She tells it like it is and breaks everything down to make it very simple and easy to understand. She’s been through it all, has fully healed herself, and can truly relate to what you’re going through. She is very down to earth and will never judge another human being - all she has is acceptance and love for others. I am so grateful to have had Sarah for my Iboga experience - she helped me through some very difficult things and she is still the voice of truth and encouragement in my head. I experienced profound healing in my retreat with Sarah + life-changing lessons and truths that I will be using for the rest of my life. I had tried literally everything else and Iboga is what changed it all for me. If you’re considering Iboga, I can’t recommend Sarah enough. 


At age 14, as I was descending a concrete staircase and misstepped, smashing my tailbone to the degree that I have had chronic pain every day of my 60 years. In those years, I have been to physical therapy, acupuncture, western and eastern medicine physicians, orthopedic surgeons and a host of other self help modalities in hopes of relieving pain.  For years I lived on Advil and, at times, Percocet. I was told numerous times that the ONLY solution was a hugely invasive surgery that included pins, metal brackets and multiple incisions. I have never wavered from the belief that I would be supernaturally healed and never hesitated to state that. To tell you my life has been hugely impacted by this core pain is an understatement. In 2021, my personal trainer refused to accept money for sessions because she had run out of movements I could do without pain. It was 2 years later that I went to Sarah for an Iboga plant medicine ceremony with the primary purpose of healing my back. The moment my friend shared the opportunity for this experience, I was called. I believe that medicine calls to your soul and you know when you know it's right for you. It was a commitment of 7 days and 6 nights - but I had already invested 46 years in pain, what would 7 more days be? The healing came with the first ceremony and 3 months later I am still pain-free. The healing is permanent with Iboga because it is in perfect synchronicity with the body's higher purpose and intended state. What I do with my healing is up to me now.

Lots of love & neon orange light!

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My experience with iboga was in a word...epic. I came into the experience fresh off of a very difficult case of a broken heart. I think we all find our way to this medicine for our own reasons and for me this was the catalyst that pushed me to dive in. I threw myself into the experience hoping to heal my heart and I got what I asked for and so much more. I entered the ceremony a broken man and left with love in my heart and peace and strength in my soul. Iboga forces you to look inside and truly deal with whatever it is that is holding you back. It is a deep clean of your body, mind and soul. It's hard to properly put into words the benefits, but for me, iboga provided the clarity and strength to pursue the life I want to be living.


Iboga is an incredibly personal experience but not one you can navigate alone. Having Sarah by my side was essential, and I can't possibly express the immense gratitude I hold for her. Out of all of the people I've ever met over a weekend, I think Sarah has had the biggest impact on my life. She has such a powerful, peaceful presence and is truly a beautiful human. And Iboga is a powerful, beautiful medicine that can change your life.

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I attended my second Iboga treatment where Sarah worked alongside another talented provider.  Sarah worked with me directly through my journey and we’ve remained in contact since, with her checking in periodically to see how things are going (take note of this – follow up can be incredibly powerful).  

Sarah has an extremely grounding and relatable presence.  We heal through our shared stories and experiences, and she draws from her own journeys and those she’s helped to bring comfort and clarity to the individual issues we’re working through (I attended with two other people, all of us unknown to each other).  I’ve found through pre-ceremony free-form discussion as a group that a talented practitioner can prepare you with tools you take with you on your journey.  When facing a difficult emotion or situation while in the medicine, simple tools help you move through blockages with more confidence.  We will all face different challenges on the medicine, but I find the pre-ceremony time to be perhaps the most critical part a provider plays in the overall journey.  Sarah is masterful at this.

While in the medicine, Sarah led me through a life review, and brought my prepared list of questions to guide me through finding answers.  Her presence was calming and reassuring, and when things were tough, she was solid and compassionate.  I felt loved and cared for and was so grateful she was there.  After an intense journey, she lifted my mask.  Her face was the first thing I saw, and it was full of kindness, happiness, and support - just what I needed to see in that moment.  

Iboga is a powerful medicine and has changed my life, but it must be paired with a confident and trusted provider to guide you through it.  I’m lucky to have two of them in my life, and Sarah is an absolute gift to have in the room with you.  I highly recommend her, and hope that if you choose the path of Iboga you consider her as your trusted guide.  If you feel the call to this medicine, have courage and trust yourself.  This is, after all, what Iboga will bring to your life.  Get out of your own way, and trust yourself.

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