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Healing Retreats in Alberta

Active Drug Detox Iboga Retreat

This retreat is designed for those who...
Iboga Retreats for Drug & Alcohol Addiction
Are currently
in active addiction
Iboga Ibogaine Retreat for Drug & Alcohol Addiction
Are seeking help in ending substance abuse
Iboga Ibogaine Retreat for Drug & Alcohol Addiction
Want to get to the root of the addiction

Our Active Detox Retreat is designed for those who are currently in addiction. In this all inclusive retreat, you will receive three traditional Iboga medicine ceremonies. The length of our Active Detox Retreats vary depending on your specific needs. This program is intended to clear your body of all foreign substances while experiencing little to no withdrawals, clear your mind of toxic patterns, relieve you of all cravings, and get to the root of the addiction. This will give you a better understanding of why the addiction started in the first place.

One of the main reasons Iboga is so successful at treating addiction is because it resets the brain to a pre-addiction state. It blocks receptors in the brain and stops impulsive cravings by reversing addictive loops & pathways. It helps clear the way for you to see the Truth. Iboga can give you the gift of a fresh start - free of addiction. However, it is up to you to take advantage of this new lease on life and move forward on a healthy path by making good choices. You'll find that this is much easier to do once you realize the root problem because it allows you to move forward with a deeper understanding of yourself and the choices you have made. Old patterns and behaviors will no longer appeal to you once you see them for what they are.  When you fully love yourself, you make choices that align with love and this is when you'll find your best life will open up.

Each retreat is specifically tailored to the individual depending on your history with addiction and are scheduled on an "as needed" basis.  To find out more information on how we can design a retreat specific to your needs, click the moon link below.

Our Active Detox Retreat includes up to four hours of post integration support. Integration is fundamental in solidifying your healing process. It is the bridge that allows you to cross from a place of being healed into self-mastery. Our approach will help you navigate your new path with peace and clarity so you can start living your best life. Additional hours of integration support can be purchased if needed. 
The cost of each detox retreat is determined by the type of treatment plan you need. A deposit is required up front to secure your spot. The remaining balance is due upon arrival.
Click the button below to book a free consultation and learn more about retreat options & cost.

Three Traditional Bwiti Ceremonies

Ibogaine for Addiction


Physical Detox

In your initial ceremony, your body will be cleansed of all foreign substances and impurities while experiencing little to no withdrawals. Iboga is the most powerful detoxifying and healing plant medicine in existence. The spirit of the medicine knows exactly what you need, making each ceremony unique to the individual.


Mental Detox

Once your body is cleared, Iboga will begin to detoxify and reset your mind. Iboga does this by showing you all of your harmful and toxic mental patterns. Looking at these patterns from a safe and objective place will allow you to see the Truth so you can let them go once and for all. Iboga will also reset receptors in your brain and relieve you of your cravings and addictive tendencies.


Spiritual Healing

Once the body and mind are cleared, Iboga will allow you to access the spiritual healing portion of the retreat. In this ceremony, you will be guided in a traditional Iboga medicine journey to get to the root of trauma and addiction. Every journey is unique to the individual depending on where they are at in the process. 

Active Detox
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